Joanna Podgórska

Joanna Podgórska


Joanna Podgórska


Doctor of Biological Sciences specializing in biochemistry (with a focus on neurochemistry) at the M. Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw. A scientific consultant, author of scientific and popular science publications, monographs, and educational materials. A graduate of Psychosomatics and Somatopsychology at SWPS University in Warsaw, Sports Dietetics at the Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw, and postgraduate studies in Conducting and Monitoring Clinical Trials at the Leon Koźmiński Academy in Warsaw. An academic lecturer at SWPS University. A member of the Scientific Council of the Polish Psychedelic Society, Chair of the Program Council of the "Wise Future" Foundation, a member of the Council of the Polish Institute of Mindfulness, Educator, and Member of the Małgosia Braunek Foundation "Be" (PL “Bądź”). The host of the show/podcast "Podgórska in General" (PL “Podgórska ogólnie”) on Newonce Radio, where she popularizes science, and on Instagram profile (jdroanpodgorska) and blog (, sharing scientific news/considerations with her audience. The author of the popular science book "How the Brain Works: Smart Ways to Care for Its Functioning." In her educational activities, she mainly addresses issues related to neuroscience, neurobiology, and lifestyle medicine.

During Neuronus 2024 she will lead "Scientific communication" workshops.

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