Travel Grants

Waiting for your applications!

A number of travel grants will be available for active participants of the conference (those who have submitted an abstract for an oral/poster presentation). If you are willing to apply for one, please send the following documents to our e-mail adress:

1. curriculum vitae (including the list of published papers)
2. personal statement emphasising your reasons for attending the Forum (max 1 page)

The deadline for travel grant application is 14th February 202428 February 2024.

However, due to the fact that our meetings are run in a non-profit format, we can afford only a limited number of grants. Thus, we strongly recommend you to apply for the coverage of travel costs to the following institutions: 

- Guarantors of Brain Travel Grant
- Hellobio Travel Grant (at least a PhD to apply)
- ITC Conference Grants European Cooperation in Science and Technology (for citizens of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Montenegro, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia and the former Yugoslav Republic)
- Grindley Grant Experimental Psychology Society (for students and scientists based in the UK)
- Student Travel Awards (for PhD students based in the UK)
- Biolegend Travel Grants (at least a PhD student to apply; residents of Canada, the UK and the USA; immunology and cell biology only)
- Company of Biologists SEB Grants (membership required; for students and young researchers)
- Biochemical Society Awards (membership required)
- Scientific Meeting Grant Society for Applied Microbiology (membership required; the UK)

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