Krakow - a city of kings

Krakow - the former capital of Poland, the historic residence of kings, and today a dynamically developing metropolis, a city of culture and art. The turbulent history of the region and the interpenetration of different nationalities living here for centuries have resulted in an extraordinary cultural heritage. The history of the city, museums and monuments, the hospitality of the residents, as well as an attractive tourist offer, modern accommodation and congress infrastructure encourage you to come to Krakow.

Wawel Castle and Main Square fot. by Karol Nienartowicz

The academic centre, with its 650-year-old University, is permanently connected with the city and builds an unrepeated resource of knowledge in a unique way. It is the key to competitiveness and innovation not only of Krakow, but also of the entire region. The intensively developing economy based on knowledge is a completely new process in the economic life of the city, which makes it part of the modern economies of the world.

                                       Collegium Novum JU fot. by Anna Wojnar

The overriding goal for Krakow is not only to be a modern city but also to be proud of its historical heritage. It aspires to be an open, rich, friendly, and safe metropolis, vibrant with culture. Smart management and strengthening the sphere of modern services and the research and development sector are the foundations for the development of Krakow - a city where innovation and effective cooperation between science and business are the focus.

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