Fee and Payment

Registration guidelines

Registration to the conference involves two steps:

1. Create an account on our website (if you did not recieve a verification link to your email please check your SPAM folder! Add as trusted adress to avoid this problem in the future).
After creating an account log in to your user panel to fill out registration form. 
2. Please pay the registration fee. 


Please note that registration and payment for both passive (listener) and active (oral/poster presentation) participants is required.

Type of conference registration Early
(until 15 July 2022) 
(until 7 October 2022)
High school student,
Undergraduate student (BSc),
Graduate student (MSc)
200 PLN (45€) 250 PLN (55€) 
PhD student280 PLN (60€) 370 PLN (80€)
Post-doc, Professor,
Industry representative
320 PLN (70€) 420 PLN (90€) 

The conference fee is based upon the date of registration. It covers all conference materials, all lunches and coffee breaks, welcome reception, and participation in the conference activities. Accommodation is not included (except for invited speakers).

If you're attending our Satellite Event Brainhack - contact us via email to recieve 20% fee discount.

Invoice Information

Please carefully follow information below:
1. If you would like to receive an invoice, indicate it in registration form by filling the invoice data. Invoice will be uploaded to your account after we receive the payment.
If you have any other wishes regarding invoices (e.g. one invoice for two or more attendees from the same department/ laboratory with common invoice data), please inform us via email as soon as possible, but no later than 7 days after the money transfer.
2. Contact us if you would like to receive proforma invoice (payment request).
3.Participants from the Jagiellonian University (including JU Medical College), willing to receive an invoice for the conference fee, are asked to carefully follow guidelines below:
There is no possibility of receiving an invoice issued for the Jagiellonian University data due to the payments transferred to the Jagiellonian University bank account. The possibilities are described below:

 receiving the document for the JU internal payments ("nota wewnętrzna"), if so, please fill in the invoice data box in the form with data of your department & institution (in Polish), not the general data of the Jagiellonian University. Do not pay fee through your private account, we will issue documents for payment!
paying the conference fee by yourself and receiving an invoice issued for your individual data (if so, please fill in the invoice data box in the form with your individual data, no NIP needed)

We advise you to check firstly which option will be more convenient for you and your institution while asking for reimbursement.

Payment Details

Prior to the money transfer, check if your first and last names are written correctly in the money transfer title. Please do not shorten your first name and last name.
Organizing Committee will inform you about received payment via e-mail within 10 days after you transferred the money.

For Poland

tytułem: NEURONUS 2022_imię_nazwisko 
nazwa instytucji: Uniwersytet Jagielloński 
numer konta: 34 1240 4722 1111 0000 4860 3050 
Bank: Pekao SA 

For Abroad

title: NEURONUS 2022_first name_last name 
name of the institution: Jagiellonian University 
IBAN: PL34124047221111000048603050 
name of the bank: Pekao SA

In case of further concerns please visit our FAQ or contact us at

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