Konrad Danielewski

Konrad Danielewski

Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology, Warsaw, Poland

Konrad Danielewski


Konrad is a PhD student at Knapska's Lab within Nencki PAS in Warsaw. His research focuses on the encoding of behavioral information from self and others in the rat's medial prefrontal cortex. Konrad is a long time DeepLabCut project contributor and collaborator being invested in the project and its community for over four years. In 2023 he was awarded a scholarship to become a DLC AI Resident - a program during which he worked closely with the DLC team on new version of DLC and new community resources.

Konrad has served as an instructor for numerous workshops, courses, and summer schools. Notably, he has been teaching at the Cajal NeuroKit - Modern Approaches to Behavioral Analysis, as well as all editions of the Transatlantic Behavioral Neuroscience Summer School. His teaching encompasses various topics, including pose estimation, behavioral data analysis, and fundamentals of data analysis in Python

During Neuronus 2024 Neuroscience Forum he will lead workshop: DeepLabCut and pose estimation data analysis workshop.

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