Ewelina Bartoszek

Ewelina Bartoszek

University of Basel, Switzerland

Ewelina Bartoszek


Ewelina is a senior staff member at the DBM Microscopy Core Facility in Basel, Switzerland. Her main focus is on bio-image analysis. Ewelina actively engages in the bioimage community, serving as a board member of SwissBIAS and a co-organizer of the ZIDAS summer school where she co-host a QuPath course.

Ewelina received her master’s degree in biomedical engineering from the Technical University of Lodz and RWTH Aachen. Subsequently, she completed her PhD in neuroscience at NTNU in Norway, where she studied the brain activity of zebrafish larvae using 2-photon calcium imaging, which cultivated her keen interest in microscopy, as well as image and data analysis.

During Neuronus 2024 Neuroscience Forum she will lead workshop: QuPath.

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