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Andrew Holmes


Andrew Holmes


Andrew Holmes is chief of laboratory of Behavioral and Genomic Neuroscience, National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, National Institutes of Health. 

In his work, dr Holmes focuses on understanding the causes of alcoholism and comorbid neuropsychiatric conditions such as mood and anxiety disorders. The approaches vary from analysis of behavior to neuronal firing and gene networks, all aimed to provide the most detailed understanding of this complex research problem. Moreover, the emphasis is also heavily put on the individual differences, including genetic factors as well as the role of the environment, sex and age. Dr Holmes’s contributions to our understanding of the prefrontal cortex to limbic and dorsal striatal circuits, which are known to be critical for the regulation of emotion, cognition and executive control over drug-seeking are of great importance which is reflected by him being the author of over 150 scientific articles.

The group’s recent publications cover the topics of neural substrates for endocannabinoid modulation of fear extinction, and prefrontal regulation of punished ethanol self-administration. Dr Holmes is also involved in the popularization of science which his TED Talk Emotionome, How emotion creates brain states is a great example of.

Selected Publications

Gunduz-Cinar, O., Castillo, L. I., Xia, M., Van Leer, E., Brockway, E. T., Pollack, G. A., Yasmin, F., Bukalo, O., Limoges, A., Oreizi-Esfahani, S., Kondev, V., Báldi, R., Dong, A., Harvey-White, J., Cinar, R., Kunos, G., Li, Y., Zweifel, L. S., Patel, S., & Holmes, A. (2023). A cortico-amygdala neural substrate for endocannabinoid modulation of fear extinction. Neuron111(19), 3053–3067.e10. 

Caspi, A., Hariri, A. R., Holmes, A., Uher, R., & Moffitt, T. E. (2010). Genetic sensitivity to the environment: the case of the serotonin transporter gene and its implications for studying complex diseases and traits. The American journal of psychiatry, 167(5), 509–527.

Cryan, J. F., & Holmes, A. (2005). The ascent of mouse: advances in modelling human depression and anxiety. Nature reviews. Drug discovery4(9), 775–790.

Hariri, A. R., & Holmes, A. (2006). Genetics of emotional regulation: the role of the serotonin transporter in neural function. Trends in cognitive sciences10(4), 182–191.

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