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Registration: April 10th, 2018

Meet your Speaker over coffee

Meet your Speaker over coffee

Session "Meet the speaker over coffee" provides a unique opportunity to approach leaders of neuroscience outside the formal arrangements. Speakers will have their coffee at the assigned tables (1 table/speaker), at which they would talk to a small group of students (max. 5). During this chat you could ask all these things you always wanted to know about science...

This event will take place on Saturday, April 21st, at 16.00.

Please fill the free slots – this works on “first come - first served” basis. Plase use your full name and surname.

If the slots of your preferred speaker are already filled – try another one. Our guests are open-minded and you will profit from talking to any of them (take it as a friendly advice).

Don’t be shy – go for it!

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