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Registration: April 10th, 2018

Workshops - Processing EEG-fMRI data in Analyzer 2 - Thursday 19.04. 2018

Workshops - Processing EEG-fMRI data in Analyzer 2 - Thursday 19.04. 2018

This workshop is for researchers who would like to process their EEG-fMRI data in Analyzer 2. We will cover the following topics: (1) Sources of artifact in the MR environment, (2) Identifying and inspecting scanner related artifacts in the EEG data using the tools available in Analyzer 2, (3) Correction of scanner related artifacts in Analyzer 2, (4) Evaluation of the corrected data. In the end, a standard ERP analysis will be performed on the already MR corrected data. Participants will receive a practical hands-on during the workshop. No previous knowledge about Analyzer is required, however, general background in EEG and fMRI is welcome. Keywords: EEG, fMRI, MR correction, artifacts.

The workshop is available free of charge for registered and paid conference participants.

As of 11.04.2018, we have no places available anymore. 


9:00-10:00          Session 1: Introduction to Analyzer

  • The concepts of workspace and history tree
  • Visualization of EEG data
  • Filters in Analyzer

10:00-10:20        Coffee break

10:20-12:00        Session 2: Introduction to EEG-fMRI

  • Prerequisites for successful artifact correction: good data starts with good recording
  • Inspecting the data for artifacts

12:00-13:00       Lunch break

13:00-14:30        Session 3. EEG-fMRI: correction of scanner related artifact

  • Gradient artifact overview
  • Gradient artifact correction in Analyzer
  • Cardioballistic artifact overview
  • Cardioballistic artifact correction in Analyzer

14:30-15:00        Coffee break

15:00-16:30        Session 4: Example processing pipeline in Analyzer

  • Artifact detection (not related to MR)
  • Segmentation and baseline correction
  • Averaging, the Grand average

16:30-17:00        Final Q&A


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