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Abstract submission: February 14th, 2018
Registration: April 10th, 2018

Thomas Kuner
University of Heidelberg, Germany

Thomas Kuner

His work is aimed at understanding the molecular mechanisms of synaptic transmission, mainly focusing on presynaptic nerve terminals, employing a multidisciplinary approach ranging from molecules to behavior: molecular perturbation, viral gene transfer, genetically encoded indicators, high-resolution fluorescence microscopy, electron microscopy, 3D analyses, quantitative fluorescence imaging, electrophysiology and behavior.

His current projects are related to (1) the molecular structure and function of central nerve terminals (to explore protein function in the context of synaptic vesicle translocation to, and priming at, the active zones of synaptic terminals), (2) neuronal chloride signaling imaged with a genetically encoded indicator (to study the spatial and temporal distribution of Cl- in hippocampal neurons and the impact of Cl- gradients and local accumulation on GABAergic synaptic transmission), and (3) neuronal mechanisms of odor discrimination (to investigate lateral inhibition mechanism in the olfactory system).

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