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Call for Symposia

Dear Colleagues, 

We would like to ask your help in shaping NEURONUS 2020.  We cordially invite you to send us your proposals for symposia. Selection will be made by scientific committee based on the scientific content and availability of lecture rooms. 

  1. Symposium should last approximately 90 minutes, and be composed of talks of the Invited Speaker and 3-4 talks given by early-career researchers.
  2. Symposium Organizer is asked to submit using the form below: 
    • the title and the abstract (max. of 1 page) describing general focus of the symposium (as the example titles please consult the program of previous editions)
    • the name of the major speaker of the session - an Invited Speaker - who will act as a session chairman.  
  3. Symposium Organizer is asked to contact the Invited Speaker before submitting the proposal to ensure her/his willingness to participate and the availability for the NEURONUS 2020 Forum.
  4. To promote diversity of topics we encourage Symposium Organizers to suggest Invited Speakers who were not previously presenting at the NEURONUS Forums.
  5. Early-career speakers may be proposed by the Symposium Organizer. At least two of early-career speakers must be at pre-doctoral level. If proposed, early-career speakers must origin from different institutions and the Symposium Organizer should provide a brief information about the content of their talks (max. 150 words abstracts). Symposium Organizer can also decide to leave empty slots for student speakers. They will be assigned by a Scientific Committee, based on submitted abstracts, to match the general focus of the symposium.
  6. Gender diversity among speakers will be highly appreciated.
  7. Wide range of approaches and/or methods within the session will also be appreciated.
  8. Conference Organizers can cover the costs of fee, accommodation and travel costs of the Invited Speaker, however, cannot cover the costs of fee and travel of other speakers within the session.
  9. Symposium proposals should be submitted for evaluation before September 30th 2019.
  10. The decision on accepting the symposium will be taken by the Scientific Committee and communicated to the Symposium Organizer before October 30th 2019
  11. Only upon accepting the proposal, Symposium Organizer will be asked to formalize the invitation of the Invited Speaker. Additionally, Symposium Organizer should ensure that all speakers will submit the final version of their abstracts, and register for the conference via the webpage in due time.  
  12. Please contact us at if more information is needed.

Submit a Proposal

Symposium proposal:

Brief description of topics to be covered (max. of 1 page):

Names & Affiliation

Other relevant information (titles of the talks, abstracts):




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